Let's meet in the portal
We've been matching flats with people since 2009. We joined the internet with one mission only: work for those how are looking for a home, and work with those who are offering homes. We work with professionals and individuals. We're here for everyone.

We'll be your first friendly neighbour, the one that helps you sell or rent out your place. Or even helps you find your new home. We at Pisos would like to be the first to welcome you and congratulate you with your new life fulfilling your dreams.

What you see is what you get
We put ourselves in your shoes. We work with and for people. You're important to us. We share your concerns and we'll advise you when you're selling, renting or searching your new home.

We look at the world from a good perspective. And we'll make you see it that way too. We believe that there's power in unity. We offer you an entire universe of services, all designed specifically to cater your needs.

Without any small print. We don't play games and we also don't keep an ace hidden up our sleeve. We put all our cards on the table: We're direct and transparent, it's easier that way.

Here we are
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